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As the year 2010 comes to a close and we complete one more revolution around the sun, it’s my custom to take stock of my life, where it’s gone, and what course corrections might be necessary to create more congruence between what I say I want to be, do and have, and what is actually showing up for me.  The term course correction implies a vector, a journey, and a destination.  Realistically speaking our destinations, as humans are all the same, the grave.  Yes, we’re all going to die, but the question remains, How are we living? What’s our journey like?  What is the conveyance of our choice?  Some of us race down the highway of life on a high speed motorcycle, not stopping to smell the roses or visit the sights.  They are enamored of speed and the sensation of movement.  Many run out of gas, or crash and burn in the fast lane of life. Speed has carried them to their final destination quickly, and life’s over.  I count the addicted among these, workaholics, alcoholics, drug, food  and sex addicts and adrenaline junkies. But there are more. All are looking for that “big gulp” of life, that magic feeling, that space of being where the hunger stops at least for a moment, and fullness and peace abide.  They are of the “more is better” school of experience. I’ve been there, and done that.  It’s my most natural approach to living.  Unfortunately at least for me, it’s not sustainable.  As the Tao of things works excess always causes an eventual deficiency!  The hedonist becomes jaded, the sweet becomes cloying, and eventual burnout and crash ensue.

The motorcycle isn’t the only conveyance in this life.  Many ride through in an ambulance. Through fate or folly, a series of misfortunes accrue and one disability or another focuses their life on a perpetual wrestling match with their limitation.  Some fight back, and some succumb.  Many who start life on the above mentioned motorcycle find themselves confined to the ambulance later on.  The view’s not so good from there. From what I’ve seen and heard, regret is the dominant emotion.  Too much too soon, too late smart! This rolling metaphor might continue throughout all the wheeled vehicles extant, but my purposes are already served.

One of the blessings I’ve picked up along the way by nature and nurture alike is the penchant for self examination.  Though it might take me a while, I eventually wake up, wise up and climb down off of the motorcycle I was on, and mount less exciting, but more sustainable transport through this life.  While I can never do boring, being useful in this life requires a more considered approach. In consideration thereof, I submit to you my resolutions for the new year:

Excess in food and drink will stop and proper weight will be the consequence

Anger and irritation will not be my go to emotions in times of stress

Truly listening first before speaking will be practiced.  Speaking my mind at all costs feels less important now

Procrastination will stop.  Making lists and having priorities will help

I will practice saying yes when I mean yes, and no when I mean no, and saying I don’t know when it’s unclear

All health issues will be addressed, primarily knees pain, teeth and eyes

Budgets will be made and stuck to, contingency’s planned for

I will monitor not just that which I put in my body, but that which I allow into my mind, emotions and space.  No junk allowed!

As the world gets crazier, personal discipline becomes ever more necessary.   Accidental living is no longer acceptable to me.  Intentional living is the path to happiness and fulfillment AND most importantly usefulness in this life.  I hereby invite and encourage those receiving this blog to share their plan with me so we can help each other be accountable.  Let’s support each other toward integrity and sustainability in the year 2011.  Let it be THE YEAR OF EXCELLENCE!  What do you say?  Will you join me?

Yours in excellence