SF Sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi, Sentenced In Domestic Case

San Francisco’s Sheriff was sentenced Monday to one day in jail and three years of probation for falsely imprisoning his wife during a headline-grabbing New Year’s Eve incident, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Prosecutors accused Ross Mirkarimi of inflicting a large bruise on his wife’s left arm on New Year’s Eve while the couple’s two-year-old child was with them in their San Francisco home.

Mirkarimi, who assumed his position as Sheriff of the County of San Francisco in January, pleaded guilty last week to a single misdemeanor false imprisonment count as part of a deal in which prosecutors dropped charges of domestic violence battery, dissuading a witness and endangering a child.

He had previously maintained his innocence.

Mirkarimi, 50, said outside the courtroom Monday that he “humbly and deeply apologizes” for hurting his wife, the Chronicle reported.

The Sheriff will receive credit for time already served in jail.

As part of the plea agreement, Mirkarimi is required to attend domestic-violence intervention classes for one year, complete100 hours of community service, pay $590 in court costs and enroll in parenting classes at the discretion of his probation officer.

Mirkarimi’s wife did not cooperate with prosecutors and said the charges were politically motivated.

But the day after the incident she asked a neighbor to shoot a video to document the bruise and said that her husband had caused it.

Mirkarimi will remain under a court order to avoid coming into contact with his wife until he begins his domestic violence classes, the Chronicle reported. The 50-year-old can currently visit with his son for several hours a week.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has previously said he is considering whether to begin an administrative process to attempt to remove Mirkarimi from office.

A defiant Ross Mirkarimi vowed Thursday to “absolutely” fight the charges of ethical misconduct brought against him by Mayor Ed Lee in response to a lengthy domestic abuse saga that has unfolded over the past three months.

San Francisco’s embattled sheriff pleaded guilty to false imprisonment last week as part of a bargain with prosecutors to have more serious domestic violence charges against his wife, Venezuelan soap opera actress Eliana Lopez, dropped. But he refuses to resign from his post, despite widespread public demand from anti-domestic abuse advocates and San Francisco officials.

In response to his refusal, the mayor officially suspended Mirkarimi earlier this week, charging him with misconduct. Lee needs nine of the city’s 11 supervisors to vote in favor of removal in order to permanently strip the sheriff of his title.

“After careful review of the City Charter and the evidence before me, I am suspending and formally charging Ross Mirkarimi with official misconduct,” Lee said in a statement. “I take this action with every conviction that I am acting on a firm legal basis and doing what is in the best interest of the people of San Francisco.”

Still, Mirkarimi has vowed to stand his ground. On Thursday, he told the San Francisco Chronicle that he was “prepared to fight” the mayor’s charges until the end.



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