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First off, Rick, thanks for taking the time to respond thoughtfully to the below.

The ability to view the human, by the self, starts with the realization that both exist mutually exclusive of each other. Once this bedrock of understanding is fully integrated into the core character of a man, he then has the ability to view the world, and himself, in a more objective manner.  (Being able to make key distinctions is primary in separating fact from fiction). We are only deluded to the extent that we want to be, to the degree that we support the avoidance of facing up squarely to the fact of it. I do not claim to have answers for anyone else, knowing full well that each individual is on their own path, and that they must learn to trust themselves to know what to do at all times, by first going within for all guidance and answers — by connecting directly with the self, until the way becomes clear again; thereby completing the circle of trust by intelligent action. A man who is filled with fear, is a man who does not trust himself, who has no understanding or awareness of where the source of his fear lies.


You cannot be hoodwinked, manipulated, or used against your will, if you operate consistently in connection with ‘The Self ‘. The very instant that a man moves into Self Doubt, he will from that moment forward, start having trouble with the world, because what he is putting out, will magnetize trouble back to him.



Hello, my name is Rick Miller, welcome to comprehensive photography. In the name 'comprehensive', means to have a pretty solid grasp about the art of contemporary photography, and how the tools (both hardware and software) are all used together to produce a very precious product to meet your needs. Photography simply means that we are able to capture an image through the use of light and film, or, by using digital chips in very sophisticated cameras. My guess is that you "GOOGLED" something about photography to find us here on this website (don't you love Goggle?). I live in Santa Rosa and Eureka, California, about 40 miles (Eureka is a bit further north) north of the golden gate bridge with my wife Pat and our two boys — Ben, and Jeremy. My daughter, Sarah, is grown and lives in Portland Oregon. I am strictly a digital photographer, although I have purchased thousands of rolls of Fugi ASA 400 (now called ISO, the digital cameras auto-correction, for light compensation). Our negatives are all digitized and burned onto a DVD. I've been shooting digital for over five years, with my previous 28 working for AT&T (in digital transport via fiber, DS1, and DS3) — during which time I was a manager in charge of 911, and all "First Responder" communications, for 5 years. I shoot mostly with Canon products — my two camera bodies, and all my lenses are Canon. I edit in a variety of software. Adobe Lightroom and I use Apple's "Aperture" (I'm a Mac person), "Light Room" and "Adobe CS4 Extended". These are tough economic times, anyone out of work and financial issues knows what I mean. I also know how important it is to document special times in our personal lives, without costing a lot. I love working with you, and creating a quality product that will best capture those special moments in time forever. So don't let these tough times stop you from documenting YOUR special times, let's get together and make memories. Have you ever been feeling a little low and maybe started thinking of someone special, and then gone to a photo album or watched a slide show and re-filled your heart with joy? It is truly worth it. This website is growing very fast, it is meant for business but it is also meant for fun (Thank You Rod Remelin). Please feel free to shoot me an E-Mail, and tell me what you like, hate or feel indifferent about. Thank You for being here Sincerely Rick Miller

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