The Riddle

On Oct 26, 2011, at 2:07 AM, Rod Remelin wrote:
TGTNT 1. The Riddle
Freedom attained is directly proportional to the level that the individual is willing to take responsibility for their own life — to the extent that one is willing to admit one’s own part in the absence of it first off — to then look at ones self in the mirror in unflinching like manner, quietly exclaiming that from this moment forward, any plan of action must have at its heart, the conscious and deliberate pursuit of mastering the self; starting with the abolition of all self deception, wishful thinking, blind faith, and desperate hope.
If ever the notion of changing the flight plan might come about, it must first start by taking the apple out of our mouth; because walking around with it in there all the time, conversely broadcast to the world, that we are ready for basting. ~ Rod Remelin

I agree with introspection but often the “predator” will leverage the emotional ties to Family and target them to gain their objective. Once the predator is identified, a strategy of pre-emtive mitigation must be invoked to save one’s reason for living, their family. Not unlike an infestation of mice and rats, leaving feces all over the home for children to live in, even the CPS would find the parents unfit and remove the children from the predator.

I need to shift a bit and generalize here. The most common element of planning through to the execution stage of the plan is the “objective audit”, really that is what you ask above an objective audit of one self, from one self…though this makes it subjective.
How long has man been on the planet? How well has communication served them? Does communication as an asset to humanity, have an expiration date?
I think yes, we have words like B.S., liar, encryption, and more. Are we masters of communication or have we squandered that asset to the point of liability like the tax code and other so-called laws? The funny thing is, the endgame for any predator is the extinction of the prey and when the prey is gone so are the predators…and all of humanity.


” A government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” – Barry Goldwater


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